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An Affordable Fashion: Digital Transformation

Digitization or Digital transformation is one of the most trending terms in today's’ business terminology. So, what does Digitization actually mean? It is about using new technology or process or automating a task. Maybe all of the above or more.

The prime objective of Digitization is to automate any process and convert the analog values into a digital format. It is more a cultural change or a revolution that businesses need to adapt in order to keep experimenting with the dynamics of technology and prepare themselves against any threat or failure that may come across during the journey.

Digital transformation is basic for all organizations, from the small-scale companies to the massive large-sized industries. It offers clarity to organizations where they can plan proactively and smartly organize each and every entity of data. Digital transformation is not a one-time job, in fact, it is more of a process that stays along with a business or process from the inception of the idea until its execution.

Digitization is a Cultural Change that Your Business Needs

Since Digitization will appear to be unique for each organization, it very well may be difficult to pinpoint a specific definition that applies to all. Be that as it may, all in all, terms, we characterize the advanced change as the combination of computerized innovation into all zones of a business bringing about basic changes to how organizations work and how they meet each and every requirement of the client. Past that, it's a social change that expects associations to constantly shake things up, test frequently, and be prepared for the worst.

Digitization starts and finishes with how you consider, and connect with, clients. While you move from paper to spreadsheets to shrewd applications for dealing with our business, you can get an opportunity to reconsider how you work together collaboratively, how you connect with your clients, with computerized innovation on your side.

Productive Workflow

If you are a budding organization who has just set their foot, there's no good reason to set up your business forms in a traditional approach. However, if your organization has been in the operations for a long tenure and if all of your company records are on paper, you can still digitize all your documents and important data on a digital platform. It’s better late than never, right?

The most ideal route for any business to secure paper records is to digitize them and store them in the cloud. This is the initial move towards the secure report of the executives. Notwithstanding, numerous organizations put off digitization since they are worried about the time and cash associated with physically filtering, ordering, arranging and characterizing such information.

Building a 21st-century business on paper and manually written records simply aren't manageable. Manually searching through paper-based records or ledgers is not just time-consuming but also involves manpower and effort. In today’s era, where technology is extremely willing to lend you and your business a helping hand, why not make the most of it? Digitization is the key to plan ahead and effectively utilize your organization’s resources. The moment you convert all the analog values that are stored on paper on to a smart digital platform, your journey of Digitization will begin.

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So, are you ready to transform your business through digital transformation? Ezee Digital Solutions can be your ultimate guide to take you through this journey. If you have any queries in mind, get in touch with our experts so that they can shed light on how digitization can help your business, depending upon its size, type, and workflow process.

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How to Sleep Peacefully: Disaster Preparedness

So, can Digitization play a role in Disaster Preparedness? For each association, early activity to build up procedures and methodology guarantees greater adaptability in disaster preparedness. Organization and staff that can instantly continue a profitable work process and recover from any disaster event with the power of digitization.

The job that digitization plays in disaster preparedness can be consolidated into a couple of points.


Digitization forms a concrete ground in planning and executing various operations of the business. Digitization helps an organization to foresee any threat or danger beforehand so that one can easily develop a strategy to fight against it without losing any resources. Planning is a crucial process for any organization as it helps in the preparation for a smooth and thorough recovery from any disaster event.


Replication of simple assortment things through digitization can be a compelling technique to keep up and preserve different copies of your data. With the help of Digitization, you can be at peace of mind that your data won’t be erased or destroyed due to any natural calamity or theft. You can instantly create multiple copies of data and store them in different locations and keep your data preserved.

Backup and Restore

Another most important reason why an organization should definitely rely on Digitization is for data backup and restoration. You can easily create an instant backup of all your organization’s data with absolutely no loss of information. This will also help your business in disaster preparedness so that even if your server or machines crash, you will always have all your data preserved at a secure location.

Productive Workflow

Even if your organization faces any kind of disaster event where you lost all the valuable information, Digitization can help your organization fight against it so that you can immediately adapt to a productive workflow again and recover the loss.

Storing Data on Cloud

The most ideal route for any business to secure paper records is to digitize them and store them in the cloud. This is the initial move towards the secure report of the executives. Notwithstanding, numerous organizations put off digitization since they are worried about the time and cash associated with physically filtering, ordering, arranging and characterizing such information.

Today, advancements exist that can deal with the strategic process of digitizing paper records. Utilizing advancements like mechanical technology, man-made reasoning, and AI can incredibly quicken the procedure. When your records are digitized, they are put away on the cloud and are accessible, sharable from any point of contact or platform.

Ease of Accessibility

Monitoring paper records even in a small-scale organization is a troublesome task. Particularly when a large portion of your workers approaches for data. Digitization offers better security and storage of records. Report access can be confined by passwords, or biometric information, and can be limited by client. Besides this, by adapting digitization you can also improve profitability and cut down the expenses of your organization.

Hence, digitizing your paper records is the first step in the disaster preparedness process. We and our experts at Ezee Digital Solutions can guide you through Disaster preparedness offering you and your organization peace of mind while keeping your data secured. We are just one call/email away!

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Collaborate, Coordinate and Celebrate: The Era of Digitization

Technology and innovation can amaze us in infinite ways! From the way how we communicate, accomplish our everyday tasks with ease, gain access to our data remotely no matter in what corner of the world we are situated, how we connect with our loved ones, technology is utterly nothing but bliss to mankind.

Agree or not, but Digitization has always been a crucial element in the remarkable journey of technological advancements and innovation. Digitization as drastically evolved and in fact, it has become a dire need to survive in this today’s era.

So, before we proceed any further, let’s shed some light on what this term is all about and how has it managed to change our lives completely, over the last decade specifically.

What is Digitization?

Leaving the technical jargon apart, let’s learn about Digitization in the most subtle approach. All things considered, digitization is a procedure wherein snippets of data are changed over or transformed into a digital format and sorted in an organized way for ease of access. Essentially, any procedure which changes over data from its simple structure into the computerized structure can be tagged under the term “digitization”. Digitization surely has innovative and dynamic capabilities to transform any business or process.

Digitization makes our work increasingly productive, compelling and faster. Be it communication, healthcare, media, automobile, retail, manufacturing, digitization is everywhere, in almost each and every industry segment whether in a form or work-process or technology.

What Role Does Digitization Play in a Business?

Digitization can be of various forms including machine learning, artificial intelligence, any automated process that you’re running in your organization, Digitization is in almost all facets of a business. Today digitalization can be viewed as an apparatus of transformation that reaches out past our way of life to the manner in which we execute, collaborate, direct and operate the business and its day to day operations.

The scene of this advanced age is progressively being driven by developments in e-correspondences, online business and the rapidly expanding world of the internet that helps in making economies dependent on high innovation, information creation, and advancement. It is essential to comprehend the value of Digitization in a business that is introducing such changes and how these are affecting the cutting-edge business.

So yes, Digitization can be gladly called a “Vehicle of transformation” that has helped millions of organizations to operate, collaborated and coordinated with data in a smarter way.

Willing to start your journey of digital transformation? Ezee Digital Solutions can be your one-step stop to initiate this journey that can help your organization to move all analog data to a digital platform effortlessly. With the help of a Digitization tool, you can grow your business, make the operations of your organization smoother, save time and resources and access data with ease from any platform. We have a massive experience of more than 70 years in developing smart solutions that cater just to your office needs. What are you waiting for? Guess it’s time to ditch the traditional methods of operating and adapt to this new Digitized approach for an aspiring future.

Get in touch with us today, so that our experts can get back to you and address your queries.

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Boost Profitability in your Organization with the Power of Digitization

Since your archives or records are always presented to different dangers, for example, robbery, fire, misfortune, memory, termites, residue, dampness and even children at home, putting away them online guarantees their security.

With digitization, information can be upgraded to make it increasingly decipherable. Old, blurred and delicate records can be made coherent. While we check every single physical archive, we use innovation to make the substance of physical reports some portion of quest where the client can look for record titles or information easily. We at Ezee Digital Solutions allow you to create an online repository of documents that you can easily access from any device or platform.

Digitization can certainly enable an organization to improve cost proficiency and make your organization stand out from the challenges and rivals. At present, the coordinated effort among innovation and business procedures is never again discretionary, however an absolute must-have change that organizations should definitely adapt.

Understanding Digitization?

Digitization can be referred to as a profound change of business exercises, capabilities, and plans of action to use the chances of computerized innovations. It is tied in with utilizing digitalization to change a specialty unit or an association way to deal with business. This idea denotes a significant reevaluating of how an association utilizes innovation and assets to change business procedures and execution in a way that it drives better results and boost profitably percentage for any organization

Can Digitization Boost Profitability?

Yes, for sure! With the power of Digitization, you can easily see how much it affects the profit margins as Digitization allows you to make the most of your existing resources without burning a hole in your pocket. It gives your organization a leverage to improve work efficiency and productivity. Thus, Digitization helps your organization to achieve higher revenues and profitability because you are smartly managing your data and avoiding all the potential risk that may or may not come in your way.

At present, cutting edge innovation has likewise turned out to be progressively open to a more extensive group of industries and enterprises. In an ongoing past, just huge organizations approached the most recent mechanical advancements. Presently, advanced innovation is reachable to organizations all things considered. Such openness permits a blossoming advanced culture which can bring numerous focal points overall business capacities.

Why Do Organizations Need to Go Through Digital Transformation?

Numerous organizations have huge measures of information that contain a colossal potential to be utilized for chopping down expenses or whether it’s about upgrading client experience. So, is it sufficient just have the information? No, right? The right approach to managing information is that it should be utilized adequately so that you can smartly manage it. Understanding the impacts of that data and the impact on the business' net revenue is fundamental to build up a methodology that stays with the productive. Getting the correct data means understanding which information is important to the organization's basic leadership process.

Digitization is not just a one-day job. In fact, each organization needs to assess the chances, prerequisites and assets to organize its endeavors to achieve reachable objectives. So, if your organization is relying on traditional paper forms to store all information, even in this present age where technology has evolved drastically, maybe now is the time. We at Ezee Digital Solutions have got you covered! Contact us today.

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Does Digitization Foster Decision Making Process in an Organization?

If you’re looking to expand your business through Digitization then you’ve come at the right spot. When you digitize documents it not only saves time but also helps in fostering smart decision making as long term growth prospects for your organization. So, when the question comes should your organization should go through a digital transformation and ditch traditional ways of working, the answer is affirmative.

Digitization gives you more power and control on how you manage data, operate workflow processes and plan ahead for future at the same time. Hence, Digitization is the key tool is decision making as it allows you to minimize errors and make lesser mistakes. It acts as a concrete foundation on which your entire organization stands still including day-to-day minute operations to complex strategies on which final decisions are based.

Why Going Paperless is the Right Call?

The advantages of going paperless are self-evident. From one viewpoint, it spares a lot of time on errands that generally require mailings like, for instance, contracts to be agreed upon. Then again, it offers the likelihood of diminishing the time implied for day to day tasks, both for workers, as well as for those who own the organization and play a key role in making big decisions for the betterment of their enterprise.

Over the long haul, going paperless is an initial move towards another method for working. For it is something beyond a procedure to amplify time and arrange work, it declares another method for working, a 100% computerized method for working in which the human job isn't overlooked.

How Digitization Help in Smart Decision Making?

Time is a pivotal component when using sound judgment. So, as to set up a decent technique and have great initiative, it is important to make a stride back, set aside the effort to think and unwind: a terrible choice could have direct repercussions on the organization's the same old thing. This procedure of reflection is just conceivable if administrators are not consumed by day by day business. So, this when Digitization starts playing a crucial role as it helps you to utilize the existing resources of your organization.

Each great and self-regarding official must comprehend their market, their rivals, just as, send the correct messages to a more prominent number of individuals and find out about their customers. Digitization, accordingly makes it conceivable to expand every one of these undertakings and turns into the fundamental divert so as to accomplish more things all the more viably.

There are just 24 hours in a day, right. And out of that, an employee roughly spends 8-9 hours working on an average. So, as an employee, the real test is to realize how to go past day by day issues so as to gain a full-scale vision of the organization and discover an opportunity to consider their system so as to settle on the most fitting choices. In spite of this, numerous heads of organizations still stay wary looked with this change they experience issues understanding.

Notwithstanding, organizations have each enthusiasm for grasping digitization so as to uncover their potential. Tending to a bigger crowd, find out about their customers, just as, their own organization, sharing thoughts to energize collaboration in work-flow processes. Hence, Digitization by all means, guarantees an upheaval in working strategies, boost profits, and improves work efficiency.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today. We at Ezee Digital Solutions can help your organization to go through this digital transformation so that you can ditch the traditional methods and adopt smart working strategies while making the most of existing resources.

Intelligent Resource Management

Keep Documents on the Go with the Help of Digitization

No matter what kind of organization you have, Digitization can help you in infinite ways. With a lot of devices and advertising methodologies, Digitization helps to advance your brands or administrations through the web. Be it an independent venture or a major association, we at Ezee Digital Solutions know the significance of digitalization and allow you to understand its importance too. We embrace ways which are exceptionally refreshing to charm purchasers with Internet advertising.

DT Enables an Organization to be an Intelligent Resource Management

Data is everything and acts as one of the most important assets for an organization. It includes each and every crucial information about your organization work flow patterns, sensitive info regarding company details, future plans or strategies or be it anything.

Well, Digitization allows you to keep all your documents in once place at a secure cloud location so that you can access them easily from any device or platform. Once your organization has gone through Digital Transformation, it helps you to create an online repository of documents allowing you all the right set of tools to smartly access it. Thus, it allows you to intelligently manage all your existing resources in the most efficient way that delivers maximum profit.

The advanced transformation is fueled by innovation – the web, versatile innovation, PC, smartphones, AI, nanotechnology, and data processors and probably a vast collection of all the gadgets and technology that we can use to perform assignments in different ways.

What Do We Do?

We at Ezee Digital Solutions, being a renowned document management services in the industrial sector be with your organization at each and every step while you take up this journey of Digital Transformation. We first scan all your document and then upload it to a secure online platform, which can only be accessible by you and the employees of your organization with whom you share the login credentials.

The reason why we scan your documents is to make sure that all the information is accurately entered online without the scope of any errors. Also, keeping your documents at a secure cloud location gives you peace of mind that they cannot be destroyed by any natural disaster or theft. Digitization helps your organization against all these issues so that you can make the most of your resources and improve current workflow processes by planning ahead.

Also, as Digitization allows you to intelligently manage all resources, the process of searching through documents and files also becomes easier once you’ve moved to an online platform. Suppose, you want to search for a particular file or a piece of information, then you can simply enter the search term and quickly retrieve the desired result rather than spending hours of your time manually searching through file shelves.


Organizations considering advanced change ought to ask themselves where their dangers and openings lie. Have tantamount industry players officially made advances toward computerized or digitized change? Have clients started to request alternatives that the organization can't give today? So, our advice for you is to hang tight for market impacts to drive their hands and proactively seek after an advanced change to remain on top of your game. And to attain this, Digitization can act as a powerful tool to ensure that your data is safe and you intelligently manage all your resources.

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Does Digitization Help an Organization Financially?

Data is one of the most valuable assets for any organization or enterprise. It forms as a concrete ground which is used for accessing various kinds of information which is used for planning, evaluating and strategizing various decisions and plans of action. Digital transformation—this is one simple term that may have different meanings to different organizations and in the way how they perceive it.

Most organizations live under an impression of thinking that the process of going through a digital transformation may require a lot of budgets. Although, on the contrary, it is certainly not a million-dollar investment and can be achieved within a small time frame. So, rather than starting from scratch, the process of Digitization is conducted in a way which tries to improve the existing business patterns and plans of an organization. Digitization basically allows you to smartly manage your data offering ease of accessibility so that not much of your resources are spent in taking care of it.

To survive among-st the race of competitors, businesses need to understand the methodologies of Digitization and what all implications it can have on your business and work processes.

How Digitization Helps an Organization to Grow Their Business?

Digitizing your association can give you an upper hand to fight against your competitors as it helps you in foreseeing all the obstacles that you may face in the future. Utilizing inventive advanced arrangements gives you an aggressive edge in your business world and a legitimate digitization plan can help rethink forms, improve quality and advance consistency for your organization.

> Save time and cost.

> Keeps your data secure.

> Easy accessibility of data.

> Worldwide Reach through various devices and platforms.

> Efficient utilization of resources.

> Client communication is easier.

> Accomplish their central goal and vision.

> Also, being at standard or in front of their rivals.

When you move your business to a digital platform, it instantly identifies various opportunities related to business innovation, offers organizations and people better approaches to the interface, working together, leading business, collaborate and fabricate connects between individuals and other organizations. An association that embraces the power of Digitization it helps in empowering leaders to approach all the data they need constantly, from anyplace, and from any gadget they pick irrespective of where they are located geographically.

The advanced transformation is fueled by innovation – the web, versatile innovation, PC, smartphones, AI, nanotechnology, and data processors and probably a vast collection of all the gadgets and technology that we can use to perform assignments in different ways.

What are the Financial Implications of Digitization?

Well, we’re sure this question must’ve crossed your mind several times. Well, first we would like to clear the fact that moving your business to an online process through Digitization won’t cost much. Also, if you’re choosing Ezee Digital Solutions then we help your organization to go through this digital transformation process in a way where you can make the most of your company’s existing resources. We give your organization a competitive edge over your rivals so that you can improve the quality of your current workflow methods, strategies towards more profitable methods.

Digitization is the perfect blend of modern-day technology and having the right insight for your business. So, if your organization is willing to go through a digital transformation, we’re here for you at every step!

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What Makes Digitization Easy to Adapt and Use ?

We’ve been talking on and on about Digitization in most of our posts. But what exactly is Digitization? To understand Digitization in the rawest format here’s a simple explanation. Digitization primarily works on one fundamental principle and that is to convert analog values into digital records. It is more of an ongoing process where data is processed digitally in order to derive something meaningful in a way where we can smartly manage it from any platform or device. To make a concrete space in the industry, organizations really need to embrace innovation and technology so that they keep up in the race amongst rivals.

Digitization and its structures challenge all of us in various spheres. Particularly in a professional setup, we should acknowledge managing steady change and deep-rooted learning so as to have the option to keep pace with the change. As an organization which supports advertise players in their change procedure from conventional, shut work procedures to a computerized, deft workplace through giving imaginative stages and advanced programming items, we at Ezee Digital Solutions try to comprehend the issues so that you can smoothen your work processes with ease.

So, if your organization is operating on traditional paper methods, maybe now it’s time to go through a digital transformation and shift your records on an online platform where you can access them easily via any device or platform.

Benefits of Digitization

Here are a few benefits of Digitization that we think are important for any organization to understand so that they can adapt these measures for shifting their records online.

> Offers ease of data access

> No physical limits of storage.

> Makes Real-time Collaboration simpler.

> More than one individual can work on a certain file simultaneously.

> Process of searching through records can be done without any hassle.

> Save times and resources.

> Allows an organization to foresee any hurdles that may occur during a process with the power of technology.

> Reduced Costs.

> Improved work efficiency.

> Smart management of data and records.

> Track errors easily.

> Simplifies work patterns, so that you can concentrate on other important things meanwhile.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are a plethora of reasons what makes Digitization easy to adapt and use. If your organization hasn’t gone paperless yet, and if you’re convinced how crucial Digitization is, Ezee Digital Solutions is your one-stop destination.

So, if you’re running an organization, get ready to embrace the power of Digitization for the betterment of your enterprise and adapt this game-changing transformation to make the most of resources.

Through customized arrangements and solid examining frameworks, we ensure productive and precise data catch for your endeavor, in a way that allows you to save time and cost, enabling your organization for steady development in future.

Have more queries related to Digitization on mind ? Get in touch with our experts today!

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How Digitization Helps a Business in Smart Decision Making?

Agree or not, but we are definitely living in a digital era! We’re constantly striving for shaping our organization in something better that could fetch us more profits and outputs for the long term. And to do so, Digitization is the only weapon an enterprise can take in use. With the help of digitization, an organization has a vision as they can foresee every possible outcome or hindrance that may or may not arise in the future.

Digitization can accomplish more than shape advancement and take your business higher than ever. They can make a stage change in worth by allowing you to introduce new plans of action and expanding opportunities that are fruitful for your business’s growth.

So, where do you begin? How would you address the shortage of new abilities or resources that are required for a certain process? Would you be able to get out in front to address the difficulties that your organization is facing and stay open to new chances? How would you make new plans of action that will change your organization? Well, we’ve got you covered! Digitization is the answer to all your queries!

How to Empower Smart Decision Making with Digitization?

Like we said earlier, with the help of Digitization an organization gets a more focused vision of foreseeing future. It allows you to see each and every small milestone that may across your business journey so that you can plan ahead and fight against every hurdle that may come your way. Digitization helps an organization to address critical issues beforehand with the help of innovation and technology while enabling a smart decision-making scheme.

Why Go for a Digital Transformation?

We at Ezee Digital Solutions offer you fully digitized solutions that can allow you to maintain an online repository of all your documents that can be accessed easily from anywhere. This will allow you to have an automated workflow and a flexible environment that makes everyday work easier. Understanding how crucial data is for any organization or enterprise, we offer two-factor authentication to keep your data safe and confidential that is only accessible by you.

If all your documents are stored in a digital format, it also gives your organization an extra edge for making smart decisions as you can audit logs in a more effective and accurate manner and track any movement made in a particular file.

Our smart high-end digital solutions will not only improve the efficiency of your business but will make sure that you can easily automate your day-to-day tasks with ease. Digitization offers a 100% transparency within your organization and gives you full control to easily access any information you want with minimal time and effort.

Thanks to the power of Digitization as tackling challenges is no more hectic task. So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with us to ensure your business’s safety in the future and to take up this challenging journey with minimum hassle.

How to Eliminate Boottleneck-header

Quick Tips on How to Eliminate Bottleneck through Digitization

Whether it’s humans or machines, each one of us has a limit or a maximum capacity. And as soon as that maximum limit is crossed, we tend to breakdown. The same holds true in case of production processes too.

What is Bottleneck?

To understand it in simple terms, a bottleneck is a situation when a certain process or system receives a large number of requests that is way beyond its maximum capacity or limit. As soon as this maximum limit is reached, where the system has to deliver more than its potential capacity, the whole production process becomes unpredictable. A Bottleneck basically interrupts the capacity of a system causing delay or slows down the workflow.

It’s really important for organizations to eliminate Bottleneck situations during production so that you always stay in control irrespective of the situation.

How to Eliminate Bottleneck with Digitization?

Having an effective document management strategy can help you in foreseeing current and future needs of your business. Digitization makes sure that your business is delivering quality products and services at the right time to the right target audience. It helps your organization to have a crisp vision where they can see the targeted short term goals are being achieved or not.

So, thanks to the power of automation as it allows us to see the whole production process in a much clear way. If you have a slight idea where a certain process or situation is leading towards bottleneck, digitization can help your business in overcoming those hurdles in the most optimum way as you think of solutions beforehand.

Before we learn how to eliminate bottleneck, it is important for an organization to rightly detect a situation when bottleneck arises. As soon as the workflow is hindered due to any reason, or if the production process starts depicting unpredictable behavior then maybe it’s the right time to act smart and prepare countermeasures to fight against this situation.

Wondering what to do next once you’ve analyzed a bottleneck situation?

Here’s how you can eliminate bottleneck situations during any production process with the help of digitization it will allow you to visualize and track system activities in a better way.

To work diligently towards any situation, and especially while dealing with a bottleneck scenario digitization can play a crucial role to support you throughout the whole process. Digitization not just allows you to simplify your work but also allows you to effectively manage your resources. It ensures that your data is safe and intact, and the whole workflow process is running smoothly without any breakdowns.

Why Choose Ezee Digital Solutions?

So, is your organization ready to go through a digital transformation to efficiently utilize resources? Ezee Digital Solutions is one of the best document management solutions that will not only allow you to

Why Digitization Important For Business

How to Achieve More Efficiency with Automation

When it comes to manufacturing a product or process then it’s certainly not a one day’s job. There’s always one right way and one smart way to get things done, as they say! So, if you’re looking forward towards the smart way then an organization certainly has to automate its tasks in order to deliver more in less time and efforts.

To maintain a balance in today’s economy it’s crucial to maintain a perfect balance between manual efforts and using machines. And especially when it’s 21st century one has to entirely rely on machines for automating tasks because it not just saves time but also helps in delivering more output with more efficiency.

Wondering how to achieve more efficiency with Automation in your organization? Here are a few ways that will help you in automating tasks to boost the efficiency of workflow and to maximize profits.


Technology is all around us! From emails to documents, almost every form of data that we know of is stored in a digital format. Digitization ensures that your data is smoothly generated, stored and moved from place to place. And no, the benefits of digitization don’t just end right here. When it comes to keeping your data secure, digitization can be an ultimate solution where you can effectively manage and organize all your organization’s data in one place.

So, if your business has haven’t gone through a digital transformation yet, maybe now is the time. Ezee Digital Solutions has got you covered. Even if your organization is still working on paper-based documents, don’t worry! Simply provide the raw data and then with the power of automation, we can create something valuable by smartly analyzing and processing your data. Raw data is just like oil and it definitely has to be treated in the right manner with the right set of automation tools so that it can turn out to be something productive.

Why is Digitization Important for a Business?

A vast majority of organizations are moving towards a more digital approach for dealing with their data. Digitization helps in improving the efficiency of your business and ensures the best quality of products and services and being delivered at the right time with absolutely no obstacles in the workflow. It also improves data accessibility as with digitization you can easily access your data from any device of system irrespective of where you are located geographically.

Digitalization infers an upgrade of business exercises with the help of data innovation to improve correspondence frameworks. It enables firms to distinguish best accomplice organizations and work together with them.

Digitalization helps in producing new chances of development. It helps in catching and holding clients and potential clients straightforwardly. It is significant for organizations to embrace digitalization in their organizations so as to pick up an aggressive edge and keep pace with contenders.

Digitalization is developing and is being acknowledged crosswise over enterprises. With the world quickly moving from disconnected to the online model of business, digitalization is currently a vital basic for associations across various domains.

So, if your organization hasn’t gone through a digital transformation yet, Ezee Digital Solutions is your one-stop destination. Digitization will allow you to attain better analytics of your data where you can foresee each and every move and plan your actions accordingly.

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Digitization is the road ahead for Indian SME’s.

Benefits of Document Digitization

Digitization is the road ahead for Indian SME’s.

Digital transformation has a lot more benefits than just replacing the old processes with new ones, it is about harnessing technology to enhance every aspect of the organization. It involves redefining and reshaping all the business processes in such a manner that they work towards the singular goal of the organization. While the big corporate make use of these technologies, it is also important for SME’s to adapt to it, in order to leverage maximum opportunities.

Why Digitization for SME’s ?

1. Digitization : Enhancing productivity augmenting business

All businesses, irrespective of where they lie in the spectrum, can make use of digitization to improve their efficiency in the way they provide various services and products to their customers. Digital transformation can help in improving customer experience, provide improved competitiveness and allow the complete transformation of the internal business models.

SME’s can easily focus on documentation, service management, managing customer touch points and service management online. Additionally, also ensuring that customer is able to spend enough time on the product/service to understand its functionality and what value it will provide them.

2. Efficient Cross Functional Co-ordination/Collaboration

Every individual in the organization has their well-defined role and goals to meet. But more often than not, the need occurs for individuals from different departments to collaborate. Digitalising the processes makes it easier to collaborate with different departments when it comes to sharing various files/data. It also creates a seamless communication channel between the departments.

3. Smart Work : Saving Space & Time

When you have all the data on a singular platform it becomes easier for you to analyse it and take smart intuitive decisions. These help you set up achievable goals for the company while also help you identify the places with loopholes and fix them.

4. Amplify Quality

Maintaining the quality of product/service that you are offering to your customer base is quite important. Digital transformations not only make your processes smoother, but also make the individuals more efficient. Thus, allowing them time to focus on maintaining the quality of the service being offered and building long lasting customer relations.

When you are taking the first step towards your digital transformation, choosing the right solution provider is essential. You need to ensure that all your goals are being met and you are able to see an actual difference in the way the processes are being carried out.

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Benefits of Document Digitization

The benefits of document digitization is huge; it's imperative to understand what more document digitizing does, especially for the business world so the decision they make is fool proof and well within their scope.

> Minimizes threat · Reduced Cost

> Healthy bottom-line · Automation services

> Quality Output · Protected access

> Quick Search Solution

Minimize threat –

Consider a situation where your data or rampant documents reaches in wrong hands, you have to run errands to collect all that is required and then risk your effort and locate the lost data. If that does not work or meet your expectation, you have to repeat the documentation again which is a risk and time taking activity. Document digitization secures your data and its accessibility can be monitored easily.

Reduced cost & healthy bottom line -

Industries across the globe are welcoming digitization since they are able to reduce the manpower costs and eliminate processes which are time-consuming and laborious (such as manually storing the paper documents and files etc.) One can now employ ONLY one resource to manage the document digitization and cut down payroll cost and expenses by 80% resulting in a healthy bottom line.

Automation services –

One can continue manual record and data management which is a far away call: We have been holding on to our traditional filing and storing methodologies and were till recent past depended on filing cabinets and storerooms –this was fine until such time when technology advanced and the advent of document digitization has provided a strong base for automation services. Not only did we manage to resolve our hiccups or answer futuristic solutions, but we have started to proudly produce "wow" experiences and opened up endless possibilities for our unlimited imaginative thoughts!

Quality Output -

We understand every document does not fit in a “1-size-fits all” approach, hence while we progress on document digitization, we ensure to take complete download, collaborate with the concern to prepare a “project-progress-plan” that will meet all the specifications discussed including, timelines, policies, budget and requirement and guarantee quality output at all times.

Highly accessible -

The world is changing and so is the mindset of people, a satisfactory lot of people have started to think and understand ways to use digitization tool, Many people who can understand and get themselves trained can easily use the system. This is no "rocket science" – Advanced countries are using it all over, however, India is not behind, our designers, manufacturers are already creating waves which will witness the industry working with efficient digitizing technology.

Quick Search solution –

It is indeed quite a cumbersome task to search data amongst thousands of files and it tends irritates us and put our patients to a task. Many times we tend to give up since the task is impossible. Digitizing your document can solve the search quest as we index each document and searching is simply a click. This definitely saves time and makes our search task easier. It is just like a click –feed -search–and voila read the result!

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Digitization is reinventing the document management systems and creativity aspect of all business organizations.

The world no longer accepts document filing and physical management to be “the best option” that’s quite obvious.

Technology has stopped walking and has taken a different route to surpassing cross-country marathons. Technology today is air and oxygen for all, we breathe, sleep, read and live on technology; it has impacted our lives and plays a very important role for everything is handicapped without it.

The next question that pops our mind is how this useful technology can be put to use and who shall facilitate the same, and what are its key features?

Ezee digital solutions are one of the forerunners in this line of business. From dynamic document digitization, digitized document management, record management, information distribution, document back-up, we manage it all.

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How does digitizing paper documents for benefit company?

Background: Document Digitization

Growing demand of document digitization has been experienced by business organization worldwide. This has become one of the eminent requirements since the advantages and benefits offered by this technology are impact.

Paper digitization is just a beginning of the technology that simply boosts productivity and service quality. In order to understand the benefits of this smart technology, we need to first understand what the technology is all about and how beneficial it is.

What does it mean?

Document digitization is the procedure of changing or converting physical paper document, records, lists, data, files, notes, legal agreements, property deeds, agreements, audio-video files and more  into digital format. Digitization format is systematized into distinct components of data which can be indexed, segregated and accessed systematically.

Need of Document Digitization

Every business faces lot of down-time and continues to do so for years unless they adapt themselves within a change. A change which brings business values.

One such change is the decision to drive digitization; implementation of a “digital-start-to-operate” technique. This simply acts as a catalyst and accelerates all the operational and administrative procedures to ease all business operation.

Why Digitize? 

Ezee Digital Solutions” is the new buzz created as a result of the latest innovations introduced by technology. From highly advanced space technology to digitization, businesses are all beaming with increased IT facilitation.

With Internet and digitization becoming the simple and most convenient accessible mode of data exchange and transfer, there has been an accelerating need for converting data by thousands of organizations worldwide and we are all a witness to that.

Document digitization being the need in every sphere of the business and the organizations is simply “the big leap”. 81% of the companies have already changed the drive to go digital and the growth towards the digital initiative, followed by 68% of the business organizations that believe they will consider converting digitally in the next phase, so they can remain in the competition.

Technology’s big leap has had a great impact. The conversion of physical documents into digitization has created a healthy output, this change will over time meet all the pressing requirement of all businesses.

Document digitization is extremely beneficial for all businesses; few of the key pointers are listed below.

  • Need not worry to  preserve
  • Pass code protected  accessibility
  • Restricted access and clone options
  • Easy to share and transport data and information
  • Hassle-free storage, retrieval, and updating methodologies
  • Well-matched with all modes of digitization and data transfer technologies

Most of the businesses are making digital progress to scale their listing internationally. Document digitization has a lot of scope for customization; since a majority of businesses are focusing on incremental performance, increased productivity and heavier bottom-line using document digitization. This conversion has made them risk averse and hence they are change ready.

On the other hand, the small and mid-size companies are super excited to embrace document digitization since they are able to witness positive growth and swollen productivity.

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What are the key factors to ensure document security during digitization?

Some of the key factors which one MUST abide by for the document or record digitization procedures or programmers:

1. Security of your LAN/WAN or Internet Network

It is quite obvious that the digital mode is one of the most vulnerable since the data might be under the risk from an array of network security point and that includes virus attack, (Dodos) Direct-Denial-of-service, Hackers attack and hence your organization’s Network leader must be well trained and equipped to handle such unforeseen attacks and secure all possible loopholes which might be the access gate for all above.

2. Select the apt document format

Unauthorized access, tampering, and data loss/theft are an open risk for Document/record digitization in India and across the globe. One can opt for best compress quality or format type that has fewer chances of data loss/extraction such as (TIF, PNG).

Documents of any kind such as Books, magazines, reports, plain text document, images, audio-video files, Journals, Collaterals can be converting to digital format:

  • Digitization can be text,.html, .pdf, .xlsx, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff and more
  • For media files  such as Compact Disks, Tape or a simple Zip disk

These, when converted, can easily be shared no matter where the receiver is located geographically using a medium such as FTP/VPN/Internet or simply tell networking but of course in a secured network connection.

3. Periphery accessories (IoT)

Almost all our daily work is supported by various digital accessories other than hand-phone, web aggregated Bluetooth device and many other (IoT) leaves opportunities for security breakers /hackers to penetrate your device and extract all information easily since the designers of new internet devices might not have emphasized on security as it demands.

4. Access only who must access

Data security denotes to the safety and security of data from unsanctioned, unlicensed accessors, amendment, revelation and obliteration and includes network security, bodily secure access, and fire safety.

ACCESS means permission to access the record digitization file online securely. An organization is capable of deciding who all they want to allow permission to access the important data and keep their access monitored to avoid any breach of access.

5. Strategize a Data Security Plan

The biggest aim of an organization is to have a trusted team of management who devise a strategy to attain the objective of the organization. The top heads or Department heads are all responsible for the safety and secure handling of all information data, hence they all abide by the code of rules that are assigned to them and shared to handle the data security plan .It is a mandate for all businesses to have a Strategy to distribute the responsibilities and adhere by the code of standards laid down by the company.

6. Create the uncommon passcode

The passcode is a unique combination that secures your data from intruders and information hackers. Try not to note down your passcode in a public document and try and vault a passcode that does not resemble your DOB, Car Reg No or your mobile phone. This passcode lockdown and gate the important data of your business and they must be secured by all means.

7. Periodic Back-up updating

Document digitization is one of the most preferred options for Data Security and compliance. Once the record digitization is conducted, an organization can store and Back-up their confidential information in a secured location that is available and known to only chosen few. Timely automated reminders and alerts can help you update your backup data and not worry about any pending updating or lost timelines.

8. Breach of Security via Printers

Data accessed using printers are the most common security breaches. Almost a whopping 87% breach happens due to unsecured printing jobs.

9. Handphone information access

These days the smartphones signify one of the most crucial points for all organization’s security as they are accessed even after the work zone. If you access secure information on another data network other than your encrypted network in the workplace, you must install anti-malware security software with a mandate passcode or biometric authentication support system.

10. Right Service Provider

It is imperative to select the trusted Service Provider for all your document digitization since the competition is at large. The reality is to scratch the company and check its reliability status quo. After all, it is your precious data and it is your responsibility to secure it.

Digitization is the preferred channel of the millennium and a great technology boom for millennials who are very keen to invest for a secure future. Since the digital platform features all options digitally which you might not find in the non-digital firms, an important feature is partner-distributor –channel

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How to ensure document security during Digitization?

The scope of document digitization has elevated the traditional documentation, file management and file sharing processes. The new technology called document digitization has paved way for a much organized, secure, easily accessible, simplified and hassle-free document management procedures.

However, the million dollar question is does digital conversion means compromising with the security of one’s valuable data? The answer is absolutely NOT.

Why some of the business segment is still holding on to their traditional physical file storing system and have a reservation to embrace document digitization and digital conversion? What are some of the security breaches or possible vulnerabilities that one is worried to encounter?

All business organizations have realized that the steps to attain digitization do at times affect all concern units and areas and thus has to amend certain Standard operating procedures related to document handling, sharing of information and disseminating. Once the document digitization or the record/file digitization takes place; the way of operation changes to a much close network and accessibility of data is then restricted due to security and you are rest assured your data documentation rests in safe hand and secure close network.

How can document digitization help business? 

Document digitization makes work easier and simpler, it positively impacts the productivity, security, accessibility only brings work-force, technology, ideas, innovations, and processes together and offers a unique and common business-view across the organization.

Listed below are the three key features of document conversion:

  • Offer hassle-free accessibility
  • Strengthen organizational procedures
  • Secure and measure the financial and operational impact

Business firms across the globe are converting their physical paper management system to Document digitization services since they have realized, this will help shape certain decisions in the ongoing process and these decisions are absolutely organization oriented.

Secure and threat-free Digitisations creates opportunities and monitors the process functioning for a significant period of “test time” of all security specific norms and comprises of monitoring the flow of the new system, upskilling, which is a continuous process, having over 89%  of research time has been beneficial for the organization,

Secure or open – Take a PICK!

Document digitization has worked absolutely well, until now! Linear ideas, smoother action, able innovation, and hard-core security and some of the key features that structure Document digitization. However with a greater onus on digitization and agility at organization these days, is uplifting security.


Most of the governing organization and state security departments did question the security aspect as they brainstormed the decision to step into document digitization since what was on the state was the confidential data and records, hence they wanted to ensure the security of their documents were not at stake.

Taking charge of the change; enlist in the emerging DIGITAL CONVERSION


On records, it is evident, to make an Impact – one has to revolutionize their systems. Right from the platform that showcased solutions and resolutions to becoming a full-fledged digital organization, your needs to aim at identifying and recognizing every factor that matters and we help reach the broader plethora and broaden the reach, refine thoughts, clarify doubts and launch afresh.

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