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Let the digital access simplify your work, Save Your Time and Release Resources for better utilization!

Ezee File is determined to insure your business's future by creating an online secure repository of your documents, supporting you managing your documents smartly.

The purpose of EzeeFile Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) is to provide the efficient and effective control, management and storage of large volumes of information/document, and ensures that staff/users can quickly and easily access up-to-date information.

A web-based EzeeFile EDMS offers significant operational advantages over ‘traditional’ paper systems or even a local electronic network. Dependent on the particular system adopted, these advantages include

Ezee File Features
  • Audit logs
  • Available as outsite server and on cloud
  • Available on mobile device as an app
  • Centralized repository
  • Content based search
  • Cost effectiveness & time saving
  • Customizable storage access
  • Customizable user privilage
  • Document sharing
  • Easy to store & retrieve
  • Easy to use
  • Email integration
  • Fully secure with encryption
  • Hierachy free
  • Seamless integration
  • Support of hindi and english language
  • Supports video, audio
  • Two-way secure authentication

CBSL Group Introduces a Unique And Innovative Concept That :-

Model that relies on remote servers for processing logic that is accessed through a web browser with a continual internet connection.
Easy to learn, Use, Understand, or deal.
Stand-alone device. Which when accessed can perform all the functions.
Putting application into same group or class according to its features.
Producing good results without costing a lot of money.
The state of being free from danger or threat.
Disaster recovery in information technology is part of security planning and is developed in conjunction with a business continuity plan. Disaster recovery is a set of policies and procedures which focus on protecting an organization from any significant effects in case of a negative event, which may include cyber attacks, natural disasters or building or device failures.
We have automated workflow structure for tracking as well as assigning process flow.
Easy recovery of data from a click of button.
Cloud based storage reduce physical storage costs.
Security measure designed to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data.
Reducing the amount of time needed to do something.


Free Trial For 15 Days
  • Time saving in document search
  • No hidden fees
  • Data Security
  • Mass data upload


Free Trial For 15 Days
  • Highly Customizable
  • Makes Document Sharing Easy
  • Single login for Email
  • File Sharing With Other User’s

SSR Plan

Free Trial For 15 Days
  • Gentertion of data
  • Data Security
  • Quick Content Search
  • Digital Storage