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Let the digital access simplify your work, Save your time and release resources for better utilization!

Ezee File is determined to insure your business's future by creating an online secure repository of your documents, supporting you managing your documents smartly. The purpose of EzeeFile Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) is to provide the efficient digital repository for large companies, management and storage of large volumes of information/document, centralised data storage for companies and ensures that staff/users can quickly and easily access up-to-date information.

Ezee Digital Solutions has a unique solution named Ezee File, for organizations that are facing the below challenges

1. Mismanaged Data : When spread out on multiple devices such as PC, drives, mobile phone etc, makes it extremely challenging to remember and manage hierarchies of data and documents.

2. Where is my document? : It therefore makes it almost impossible to find the required documents, in time of need. This usually results in panic, stress and loss of valuable time.

3. Monitoring document versioning : Imagine co-working with your office colleagues on a document. Document movement via mails and multiple versioning of the document is often confusing. We often forget which was the last version and where it was saved.

4. User management : We often never get to know which user has opened a digital document and when was the respective editing done. This may lead to important data being lost.

Ultimately it's another "PILE" to handle No matter where your data is placed(be it physical or digital), Ezee File keeps a single central repository for all your data, in an organized and secure manner. With Ezee File, data privacy and data management rests in the hands of the company itself, ensuring the highest level of security.

Ezee File is a fully customizable and cloud based solution, uniquely curated to your organization’s way of working, in order to smoothen your journey to digital transformation.

Why Ezee File ?

1. Effective management and control of information

  • Enables secure 24/7 access to archived information from any location, permitting people - perhaps in different territories and time zones - to contribute to the effective management of multiple projects
  • Permits rapid searching, sorting and filtering of information, and “tailored” data assembly and presentation

2. Successful management of the project and the business

  • Ensures that decisions are made on the basis of the latest issued information
  • Centralization of data promotes security and effective audit trails, and facilitates business continuity in a disaster recovery situation

3. Reduction of risk

  • Avoids loss of information and delay in dissemination of time-critical data
  • Reduces likelihood of disputes and abortive working arising out of use of incomplete or outdated information
  • Permits effective management, monitoring and audit of data access

4. Operational Efficiencies

  • Ensures faster delivery of information to desk or workforce and increased speed of workflow
  • Improves efficiency, productivity and employee wellbeing
  • All the infrastructure support will be provided by Chitkara University like server, hosting, etc.

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