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Management solution for Advocates, Lawyers and Law Firms.

Advocate Legal Management Solution that takes care of not just day-today routine tasks but also Provides attorneys/ lawyers with a convenient method of effectively managing client and case information, including contacts, appointments, documents, tasks, case history, manage employees, reports and other specifics by facilitating automation in law practices.

It Relieves its users from the tedious job of physical record maintenance of all his Partners, Employees, Clients, Cases and many others

EzeeLegal is a simple, easy and unique solution that has the below tools already incorporated, for smoother work.
  • Appoinment management
  • Case management
  • Client management
  • Expense Management
  • Hr Management
  • Task Management
  • Master data management
  • Partner Management
  • Report Generation
  • Document indexing
  • Live court room update
  • Notifications on updated cause list

Let the digital access simplify your work, save your time and release resources for better utilization!

Limitations of Current Manual System:
  • Scanning the documents and storing papers and documents besides physical/manual record maintenance.
  • Retrieval of papers and documents.
  • Scheduling and recording important dates instead of diarizing manually the records and dates of filing and next date of hearing.
  • Control of documents and annexures through check lists which are to be obtained from client at the time of filing of fresh cases.
  • Monitoring the legal cases by getting reminders at defined intervals.
  • Scheduling appointments through systems.
  • Ezee Legal
    How it will benefit you:
    • Total management of your office Affairs.
    • Integration with outlook, word etc.
    • Also mobile App to manage & update and more.
    • Server solution-server login with OTP & Security of data stored which is encrypted.

    • Calendar management, to do list, reminders on SMS & mail for important events.
    • Time management, online fund & expense management, billing & client payment tracing.
    • Collaboration platform with sharing, notings, annotation, approval and version control of documents.
    • Real time case list & court time bound integrator. Your count cause on real time with reminder & notification.
    For your Client:
    • All correspondence & communication are stored in one folder for references.
    • Client is updated automatic regularly.


    Free Trial For 15 Days
    • High End Data Security
    • Daily Activity Management
    • Integration with microsoft Legal
    • Colsolidated Data Security


    Free Trial For 15 Days
    • Unique Payment Dashboard
    • Matter file Generation
    • 24x7 support available
    • Complete Paperless Legal