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Process Easy Automation Ezee (Process)

Are most of your routine office processes done manually?

Do some of your tasks are left incomplete because they skipped your mind ?

Do you have to rush to office because your files and processes are on your office system?

Introducing Ezee Process, an automated & secure Digital Tool to set up your critical business processes digitally & help you get access to your files, anytime & anywhere. Ezee Process automated workflow management solution addresses performance and monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks, arranged as a workflow.

Ezee Process Features

  • Audit logs
  • Available As Onsite Server And On Cloud
  • Available on Mobile Device as an App
  • Two-way secure authentication
  • Centralized repository
  • Configurable workflows Mis
  • Cost effective & time saving
  • Customizable user management
  • Easy to Design Workflow
  • Easy to task management in workflow
  • Feature of annotations
  • Fully Digitized Solution
  • Hierachy free
  • Fully secure with encryption

Ezee Process Advantages

  • Affordability
  • Creates easy to follow business steps
  • Document integration
  • Flexible workflow pattern
  • Instant notification on mail & sms
  • Role-based access control