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A graphical user interface which provides at-a-glance view of key performance indicators relevant to an objective or business process.
It has option to add and manage user, profile, group and metadata.
1. Click on “Masters” then click on “Group Manager”.
2. After selecting “Group Manager” you will be able to see “Add New Group” option on top right corner just below the Group Management tab.
3. To add a new group click on “Add New Group” to add Group Name and select all the users in that group after that click on Add option.
1. Click on “Masters” then click on “Add user".
2. To register a new user click on “Add user” and fill all mandatory details of User, you can select any of the registered groups in which you want to add this user.
3. Select privilege (User Profile) of a user.
4. (You can also add any profile picture from choose file option) then submit it.
5. After creation the user, it will appear in user list. You can modify the user from that page.
1. Click on “Masters” then click on “user profile".
2. Add new profile option will appear after clicking user profile.
(User profile-it contains the list of all types of permissions granted to the users of the DMS. You can modify and delete the permissions of the respective user).
3. Input profile name, select group and select the permissions by clicking on check boxes then click on submit button.
Meta Data Search- In this type of search you can search a stored file by selecting particular storage, with their metadata and condition.
A. How to add metadata field
1. Click on "masters" then click on "add metadata field
2. Input relevant details like ...metadata name, data type, data length and select yes or no which decides that metadata will be mandatory or non-mandatory.
B. How to assign the metadata?
1. Go to My DMS or storage manager and select folder in which metadata to be assigned.
2. Click on choose action then click on assign metadata.
3. Select the metadata field and submit it.
C. How to apply/use metadata search facility?
1. Click on search then click on metadata search
2. Select storage, metadata, condition and input metadata keywords finally click on search. result will be appear.
Step 1
• Go to dashboard and click on “workflow management” then “New workflow”.
• Type workflow name and select group.
• All user of that particular group can see this workflow.
• Select Form required option if you want to add any form.
• Select PDF required option by this it will create a PDF of your initiated task details and Assigned user (who will take action on your initiated task) can see workflow details in PDF format.
• After that click on “create workflow” option.

Step - 2: Add step in workflow ?
• Go to Workflow Management then select workflow List, here workflow list will be displayed.
• Select workflow from the list in which you want to add a step and click on “Workflow step”
• After that click on “Add step” option and enter Step name, order and description then add.
• Your step has been created.

Step - 3: Add task in workflow
1. Go to Workflow Management then select workflow list, here list of all workflows will be displayed.
2. Select workflow step after selecting the workflow from list in which you want to add a task and after that click on add task. A pop-up window will be displayed having various fields to be filled like:
3. Task name: you can type name of task like it’s for manager approval.
4. Select deadline: you can fix a time limit for you task after this timeline your task will be forwarded from assign user to supervisor/alternate user.
5. User assign: select user name who will approve task first.
6. Supervisors: Supervisor name of assign user.
7. Select action: Actions which can be taken by first assign user like Approved/Reject/Aborted.
8. Then type task order no. and select priority.
9. Select alternate user and if you want to add any instruction then add or click “Add task”
10. In this way you can create many tasks in a step according to you.
If we don't want to use the existing workflow and we want to create our own workflow then we can use Initiate File option.
Task Track Status helps in checking out the status of task to check whether it is approved, reject or pending.
“In Tray” tab shows all the tasks whichever have been assigned to you in your tray whether they are pending, processed, approved, rejected, completed or aborted along with their priority level and timelines.
Workflow Reports are divided into two parts:
1.Involved Workflow:
This shows all the workflows in which a particular user is involved.
2. Running Workflow:
This shows only those workflows which are currently running/pending.
An audit trail (also called audit log) is a security-relevant chronological record, set of records, and/or destination and source of records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation, procedure, or event. It is further divided into two parts:
User Audit:
One can see the activity details (like Log In /Log Out) of any user followed by their action start & end date along with their respective IP addresses.
2. Storage Audit:
One can search the actions performed to store/ upload files by the user along with a proper date, time and IP address. You can also search user by their respective names to track their activities.
Click on “forgot your password” option and enter your mail ID after that you will receive an OTP on your mail and you can change/reset your password.
Then again enter you mail ID and new password to Login.
A. Go to “In Tray” tab on the dashboard where you can see all the tasks on which you have to take actions like Approved/Reject/ Abort and Comment.
B. To take any action click on action Sign, it will show details like who has submitted this along with the task name and all other detail
1. Go to User Manager and then select User List.
2. If you want to register user details in bulk then make CSV file of user details.
3. Click on “Import user” tab then select storage, privilege and group for users, after this select CSV file of User’s details and then submit.
Click on “Workflow management” after that go to “Initiate workflow”
Now select workflow name from the drop down which you want to initiate.
Enter all mandatory details.
If you want to attach any file then select choose file option and attach a file, then preview and “submit”.
Click on “Workflow management” tab then select “Task track status”
After that click on Action tab & you will be able to see whether the task has been approved or not.
Once you have rejected any task (taken any action) then it will be forwarded to User from your “In Tray” box, and user will have to initiate the same task again for approval.
Go to home page and click on “Edit profile” In this page you can see all details about you.
If you want to change then click on “Setting” and edit your profile.
You can Edit all details according to you and submit again.
Go to home page and click Edit profile. In this page you can see all details about you.
If you want to change your password then click on “Setting” tab and change password.
Enter new password and confirm.
Then click on “Save changes”.
Yes, you can add your signature for that go to “Edit profile” and click on “Add Sign”
You can choose file if you have already scanned signature file then upload it and add. Your signature will be added successfully.
If you want to purchase our software or have any query related pricing and payment then please send us your details like Name, Contact no. E-mail ID and Address. We will arrange a call back by our Sales Team ASAP.
Go to Masters tab and click on user list then click on modify option against user whose permission or privilege is going to be changed.
Go to user role and click there a drop-down will be appear with all possible roles, select one of those and click on save changes.
Go to 'storage manager' and click on multi storage policies. A page will be open, on that page select user name and multiple folders then click on save. User will be assigned multiple folder which was selected during the process.
Please follow the below process:-
1. Go to storage or my DMS and click on that folder where you want to upload.
2. Click on choose action, multiple options will be appeared select upload documents one of those.
3. Click on next then choose file and click on next.
4. Click on check where a statement will be written then click on upload file in storage.
File will be uploaded; you can check to go to folder.
Choose action button does have multiple options according to plan wise of products like
1. Update folder password
2. Bulk download files
3. Upload documents
4. Create sub folder
5. Assign metadata
6. Modify storage
7. Delete storage
8. Copy storage
9. Share folder
10. Lock folder
11. Unlock folder
12. Export CSV.
1. Shared with me:- in this option, files and folders will be appear which will be shared with you.
2. Shared files:- In this option , files will be appear which is shared by you to someone. Undo function can be performed from this Page also.
Please follow the below process for adding to do
1. Click on "to do list" then click on "add to do".
2. Fill all basic details including time and click on submit.
3. All to do will be appear in to do list.
Please follow the below process for adding "appointments".
1. Click on appointment then click on add new appointment.
2. Fill all required details including time and click on submit.
3. All added appointments will be appeared in appointments list.
There are two options to upload file as bulk.
Please follow the process for file bulk uploading
1. Click on upload/import then click on bulk upload. ( Before uploading, download sample csv and prepare csv with all file name which it to be upload. Paste this csv in that folder where all file is kept.
2. Click on choose file and select a folder where to upload all those files then click on submit.it will take some time and will show you uploading progress bar. ( Uploading Speed totally depends on internet speed and files size).
Please follow the below process for multiple folders uploading.

1. Click on upload/import then click on upload folder (in this option folder structure can be uploaded with file same as kept in computer storage).
2. Click on choose file option and select main folder then select storage where to upload all folder.
3. Click on submit. it will take some time and will show you uploading progress bar. ( Uploading Speed totally depends on internet speed and files size).
From this page you can create a holiday for your organization which will be applicable only for your employees.to add holidays is simple process.
Go to holiday manager then click bn on holiday list. After that click on add new holiday with holiday name and date.
Go to audit trail then click on view upload logs. From this page all completed and in-completed logs can be found.
There are two options available in this tab.
1. Review track:- In this option you are able to see and track documents and process about file which is initiated.
2. Review in-tray:- In this option you are able to get files for reviewing or editing which is sent from another user.
1. Go to workflow management then click on initiate file.
2. Enter subject and select yes or no (fill file number in case of yes)then prepare a file which will sent to review.
3. Finally on save with page format then select reviewer and save. A message will be show that fill has been assigned to reviewer.
1. Go to review document and click on review in-tray option (this can be also found on dashboard).
2. Click on edit icon (below file name), there will be appear a page where you can edit, add page no,insert page and annotations function can be performed).
When you delete a file, it is placed in the Recycle Bin. Items are temporarily stored in the Recycle Bin before they are permanently deleted by the user. User can recover the deleted file from this page.
There are two option available in this tab. If users want to read FAQs and provide any feedback when they click on it, it redirects on relevant website from where all FAQs and feedback column are available.
1. Click on profile icon (top right corner of application) then click on profile.
2. You will get the like "default language " click on this option.
3 . Now you are able to change language English to Hindi (current application is bilingual)
1. Click on profile icon (top right corner of application) then click on profile.
2. Go to settings and click on configure mail option. Fill all required details and click on test connection then click on save changes.
3 now you can go to inbox and fetch the mail.